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Defensive Pistol Shooting - CCW Skills Course 
Defensive Pistol is a dynamic shooting class that focuses on developing the basic skills and tactics necessary to effectively use a firearm in a defensive manor.   

This is a (4) hour range ONLY course and will focus on the (2) most critical elements of defensive shooting - Moving off the "X" and shot placement.  

Students  will learn proper shooting techniques for the following:   
  • Gun handling fundamentals (grip, stance, draw technique)
  • Dynamic reloads 
  • Movement
  • Shooting weak handed 
  • Alternate shooting positions (kneeling, squatting, prone) 
  • Use of cover
  • Selective targeting
  • Dealing with real world scenarios  

​Course Requirements:
  • Completed NRA Basic Pistol or similar course (must show proof)
  • Full caliber handgun (380 ACP minimum) w/ (3) Magazines 
  • Strong side hip holster & double magazine carrier 
  • 250 rounds of ammunition

Date / Time:  
Duration:   4 Hours
Location:   Ben Lomond Gun Club (www.blgc.org)
Cost:   $275.00
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