Element [H] Consulting, LLC

About Element H Consulting, LLC
Element H Consulting, LLC is family-owned and operated in Arvada, Colorado.  
Matthew Rossi 
NRA Instructor | Range Safety Officer 
Business executive by day, firearms instructor by night! 

My interest in marksmanship started at an early age. As I evolved into adulthood and eventually
parenthood I realized the importance of proper training and safety.   

Over the last 15+ years I have invested in advanced firearms training in order to ensure my own personal safety and the safety of those around me. I am a hunter, outdoors man, licensed concealed carry weapons holder, sport shooter, musician and martial arts practitioner.    

I believe in never becoming a victim.  I formed Element [H] to help others develop the skills needed to ensue a lifetime of independence & safety. 

Without the Sheepdog there is nothing to deter the wolf.  Learn more about the Sheepdog Concept.

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